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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 23, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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choice and changing their convention. we'll have a live report from d.c. plus, miami vice, you're looking at the justin bieber mugshot after his arrest last night on miami beach charged with drunk driving and dr dragracing and resisting arrest. first though in a few hours, governor chris christie will head to a school in camden, new jersey to press his second term education agenda. all the way damage from separate scandals seems to be taking a toll on the governor's once sterling popularity. nowhere is talk of the governor's more troubles more evident than in hoboken, new jersey, where the mayor accused christie's office of tieing sandly relief funds to a real estate deal. i spent the day talking to residents and officials. >> now is not the time to do this. >> reporter: at wednesday night's hoboken meeting, the first since mayor dawn zimmer's explosive allegations on msnbc, the mayor was a no show but
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residents and council members spoke out. >> i'm very proud of our mayor. i think she has been a profile in courage. the mayor is acting out of one interest and one interest alone, to make sure our city gets its fair share with respect to federal funds with respect to remediation from hurricane sandy to make sure it never happens again. >> i don't call that courage. i call it politics as usual. >> zimmer sent a memo which read, i understand there is tremendous concern regarding recent events and the information i have made public about the lieutenant governor and other members of the christie administration as it relates to the north end rehabilitation area and hazard mitigation funding. as the investigation proceeds, they have asked me to refrain from giving any additional interviews and i'm respecting their request. now hoboken, a city that has seen its share of controversy is in the spotlight again, this time the focus is on 19 blocks
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on hoboken's north end sitting right outside the lincoln tunnel with easy access to midtown manhattan. the mayor claims she was pressured to resupport a redevelopment project here. representatives from the rockefeller group started to talk to him about the land short a after he was elected in 2009. >> has a developer in hoboken ever pressured you? >> no, i never to the best of my recollection sitting here today can offer you an instance where a developer directly placed pressure on me. there's always advocacy. >> after more than a year long study paid for by the port authority, the recommendation was the three blocks most of which are owned by the rockefeller group, should qualify for lucrative tax breaks. the other 18 should not. >> did not strike you as odd? >> at the time i didn't know the plan was funded by the port authority but it did strike me as odd. >> in a statement earlier this
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week, the rockefeller group said we have no information pertaining to this allegation if it turns out to be true, it would be deplorable. our hoboken project is in the political stages of plans and we have not filed any development applications for review or approval. governor christie's office and kim guadagno deny she was ever pressured in exchange for sanli relief funding. >> being a sandy victim myself makes the mayor's allegations particularly offensive to me. >> christie's spokesman said it's clear partisan politics are at play here as democratic mayors come out of the wood work and try to get their faces on television. in hoboken, it's all some people are talking about. >> even if you're not a fan of this mayor, which i haven't necessarily been in the past, but you have to understand that she's standing up for what's good for hoboken and i support that 100%. >> no one likes a bully and i'm
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glad she stood up for herself and the community. >> has all of this changed your opinion of the governor? >> he has run a tight ship, i can say. he did handle sandy pretty good. honestly, i don't know. i'm kind of up in the air about it. >> today, new revelations in the story of mayor dawn zimmer and sandy aid. sources say the feds have interviewed several witnesses, including aids to mayor zimmer, those witnesses say she told them about the exchange about the lieutenant governor shortly after it happened. michael isikoff is the person who reported that story. let's start with the new details. what do they mean for dawn zimmer's version of events? >> what it means first of all the fbi and u.s. attorney's office is taking this seriously. they are going out and questioning key witnesses,
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asking key principles to preserve documents, don't detroy any e-mails and putting them on notice that all of this material is going to come under the scope of its review. now, look, the pushback from the governor's people has been this is -- why didn't the mayor come forward earlier. isn't there something suspicious about the fact she waited until now to tell this story. shouldn't that raise questions about it? and what these witnesses are saying and we know there are at least two key aides to mayor zimer who were questioned by the fbi on monday, we interviewed another city council member yesterday who said he too had heard the story from mayor zimmer, back last summer. he remembers distinctly remembers walking back from home one night over the summer and
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she told him about the conversation that she had with lieutenant governor guadagno and pressed her, why don't you come forward and say it? and what he says is that the mayor said, it's guaranteed that the governor will win re-election and didn't want to do anything that would hurt funding for the city. now, look, all of this does not mean the feds will find a federal crime here but it is an indication, as i said, that they are taking it seriously and doing their due diligence and fully investigating this. >> in a separate development, the top aide that christie fired earlier this month signed on to new council, christie's one time deputy chief of staff cited conflict of interest. her new lawyer has a representative as a ten ashs defender. what happened here? what do we know? >> well, look, there are still huge unanswered questions here.
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we know it was the bridget kelly e-mail, time for traffic problems in ft. lee that started this all, that really escalated it. and what caused her to write that e-mail to david wildstein followed a few weeks later by knows lane closures creating traffic jams we still don't know. the initial assumption had been it was some sort of political retribution against the mayor of ft. lee, but there are other theories out there relating to other development projects and until we hear from bridget kelly and david wildstein who took the fifth, we may know the answer to that question. >> but we don't know exactly why it is that all of a sudden she's got this new attorney? >> new attorney, i think the other -- the initial attorney she hired had some conflict because of another case he was representing. so i don't know -- i wouldn't read too much into that. that happens all the time. michael, thank you so much as
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always. up next, bieber busted. the alleged mix of a lamborghini and alcohol and drugs. >> addressing a group of republicans as they try to develop new election tactics, the latest efforts to get minorities to vote red. we're live in d.c. hey guys! sorry we're late.
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19-year-old superstar pop superstar justin bieber under arrest. police say he admitted smoking pot and drinking before drag racing a lamborghini outside south beach before the sun came up this morning. >> upon approaching the car when he opened up the window and confronted mr. bieber, he
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smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage. mr. bieber was not cooperating with the officer's instructions and he would not follow the officer's instructions. the officer at that time did place mr. bieber under arrest. >> mark potter joins us live outside the jail in miami beach with the latest. mark, am i to understand correctly that he's going before a judge in an hour, hour and a half, is that right? >> reporter: that's right. at 1:00 to 1:30 eastern time, justin bieber is expected to have what they call a video bond hearing. he's in the jail now, local jail called tgk on the west side of town. at that hour he will appear before a judge and stand before a camera, talk to a judge who's in another building. the issue is bond. the bond for the charges he's facing add up to $2500. so no concern that whether he can make that bond or not. and that will end the
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proceeding. but he has been booked in. we're standing now before the miami police department where he was brought after he was arrested after being picked up at 4:00, drag racing in a residential area to the north of us, going about 50 to 60 miles per hour in an area where the speed limit is 30. as you heard the police chief say there was some problems with the arrest. he was con frontational and he was brought here after that and charged with three things, dui, resisting arrest without violence and driving with an expired driver's license issued in georgia. police said when he came here to be arrested his demeanor changed and he quieted down and became more cooperative and did tell the officers again, that he had consumed alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs. so the next step now is that hearing you're talking about where we do expect to see justin bieber on camera shortly talking to a judge. >> mark, while you were talking,
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we just got this picture in as well of bieber getting out of -- there it is right there. getting out of lamborghini in question here. mark, how quickly did the paparazzi descend on all of this in miami beach? >> reporter: like locusts, quickly. >> like locusts. >> reporter: the thing happened at 4:00. i think first truck got here at 7:00 and then a huge crowd descended on us. there were a lot of people here. they filtered out most of them have gone to the jail now. that's the next scene. as you can imagine, this has attracted a lot of attention on miami beach, even on miami beach. >> that's a saying a lot. >> thank you so much we appreciate your reporting. he want to bring in alish sha corals, this comes on the heels
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of other instances of bad behavior. in october he allegedly groped a stripper and left bundles of cash. the stripper then tweeted that out on november 3rd he was spotted at the brazilian brafle and obtained in australia when customs officials found drugs on an entourage member and the egg throwing incident. what happened to the old justin bieber? >> you might call this the breakdown of justin bieber. we've seen it time and time again and hopefully he can come out of it the way britney spears did. he got famous at such a young age and everyone is on his payroll. that's a lot of pressure, think when we were 19 years old, we were in college. you have the whole world and clearly he needs to step back. i do think is interesting he's not being charged with drag racing and so many has been made about shutting off the streets. he hasn't been charged with that because they know those charges
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can be dismissed and his lawyers can fight that. also, one he posts bond, he doesn't have to appear in court, just has to be his lawyers. so it will be interesting. as mark was saying, all of the media is down there but even before that, his fans follow him everywhere, there's video of him getting pulled over and arrested. >> i know he's 19, obviously an adult in the eyes of the law. where are his parents? >> his mother had him at a young age and i've interviewed her several times. i asked her point blank, you wrote a book about parenting and your son seems to be spiraling out of control and there is a disconnect, he's a grown man, he'll be okay. really his parents have no control over him. he's on tour and doing his thing and doing what he has to do. the closest mentor is scooter braun who discovered him, his manager but his parents don't have control over him. they have their own lives. >> 19-year-old singer khaleel
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also arrested, apparently with the biebs, just living life, blessed was tweeted. what kind of influence do his friends have on him? >> i was going to say let's talk about the term friends loosely. what influence do they have on them and what influence does he have on them? this is a young group of partyers, justin is the it guy and i know for a fact justin let's people stay with him that aren't friends, random people, having a good time, a little out of control, a lot out of control. this is the time he has to pump his brakes, rehab, whatever he needs to do to clean his house. >> has he been -- he hasn't been in? >> i'm not putting allegations up that he has addiction issues, he admitted to them he was on marijuana, anti-depressants and liquor and you're driving. this is a plea for help. i've been interviewing this guy for a long time and this is
9:18 am
somebody you want to see do well. he has talent. >> i've read the police report and according to police the exchange between him and the officer, dropping a lot of f bombs as you indicated, it sounds like a kid who's out of control. >> he's a kid who's out of control. i've seen, again both sides of justin bieber side, the good side and out of control side when he confronted a photographer who wasn't filming him and tried to attack him. we were like what is going on, justin. >> he's not big enough to go attacking people. >> i've seen great sides, wonderful interviews and talented and done good things, went to the philippines to help victims th s there. it's up to him. people in his life want him to get it together. he's man and 19, it's up to him to figure it out. >> as always, appreciate your insight. moments ago, virginia's attorney general said that commonwealth's
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speeds relief to these eight symptoms. [ breath of relief ] thanks. [ male announcer ] you're welcome. ready? go. republicans meelting in washington this week can smell victory in the freezing arctic air there. women the ghost of past election defeats hurt their efforts to build a kinder gentler brand. nbc's casey hunt is live in washington, d.c. this afternoon. i know there's a session today at the meeting about the changing the republican convention making it earlier than it was in 2012. walk us through the thinking behind that. >> sure, there's -- the establishment thinking on that in particular is that the convention last time around was in august, which was pretty late. and the obama campaign spent the summer on the air waves
9:23 am
hammering presidential nominee mitt romney and he had not enough money to respond. so moving the convention up would give whoever is the nominee a little bit more money, a little bit earlier in the procession. now detractors say it jams it together and would make it hard to plan for a convention. so there are both sides of the equation here from establishment members. but they are going to start to talk through later today exactly what they are going to do next. >> abortion front and center at the meeting this week. thousands gathered for a pro-life rally to mark the anniversary of roev wade. there was a resolution introduced that read in part, the republican national committee urges all republican pro-life candidates consultants and the republican political action committees to reject a strategy of silence on the abortion issue when candidates are attacked with war on women rhetoric. what does that resolution mean for the campaigns we're going to see this year and the one in 2016?
9:24 am
>> republicans here are saying that there's a distinction between being prolife or being anti-abortion and engaging in some of the rhetoric that their candidates were trapped into in previous election cycles that led to democrats declaring a war on women. reince priebus moved it around. with women voters, whether they can push that message and still appeal to those voters without crossing lines that democrats have accused them of crossing in the past. >> what is this also going to mean for some of the pro-choice gop candidates? >> look there's a pretty broad acknowledgement here that it's difficult for a pro-choice republican to build a national profile to get support from the members that would attend a
9:25 am
meeting like this. that said, there are plenty of places in the country where prochoice republicans can get elected in certain states where that's something that will help them. the party is taking this aggressive tact, there is acknowledgement that there's still room in some cases if it helps win them elections. >> case this, thank you. alice stuart, a republican strategist and former press secretary for santorum presidential campaign and ken vogle for politico. alice, let me start with you. here's republican house leader eric cantor. >> i'm also proud to announce that next week the house will vote once and for all to end taxpayer funding for abortions.
9:26 am
>> so the bill that he's referring to there would prevent women from getting abortion services under the new health care system. he knows it's not going to pass. he knows that the president is not going to sign it. is this just another example of silly political posturing, pandering even? >> that was an example of him standing out there with the will of the people. i was at that rally yesterday, it was freezing cold. there were tens and thousands of people out there. as cold as it was, it was heart warming to see families and parents come together for a life movement. that was a pro-life rally. the key to having republicans be there is to show our support for life and that's key to overwhelming will of the people. this country is for life. while the democratic platform is to support killing babies whether they can -- >> alice, you didn't answer my question. >> republicans look at it from the standpoint. >> you didn't answer my question. my question was -- and you know
9:27 am
this, know this to be true, he's talking about legislation and talking about proposal legislation that he knows is not going to be signed by the president. why engage in that? why -- if you've got a crowd of 10,000 as you said there, why say that in front of those folks when you know it's not going to happen? >> because the purpose of yesterday's rally was to support life and support measures that support life. sometimes you got to fight the good fight, whether or not you're going to win or not. the key was to focus on the life issue and also there's other ways to go around it. you can look at adoption and other ways to bring a child into this world. the overwhelming will of people to support that. that's one of the key aspects republicans are looking at as casey mentioned, looking at ways to make the primary process better and allow time -- to compete. >> ken, let me bring you in. how much of this do you think is also about fund raising perhaps
9:28 am
when you talk about hot button issues like abortion, like health care, obama care, when you talk about things like that, how much of that is pressing fund raising button? >> a ton of it is, craig and it gets at the new reality we have in politics, it doesn't matter the course set by eric cantor or john boehner or the folks at the rnc. you have these outside groups that are able to raise huge sums of money outside the federal limits thanks to these federal court rulings in citizen united and speech now. they are able to offer support for candidates who are sometimes would not get support from party leaders who are sort of more carefully parsing the party's positions and might be inclined to have people have candidates say less strident things about abortion rates or gay marriage. now candidates who play to the fringe and we see this more on the right, with issues like
9:29 am
income inequality and more populist issues, those candidates can get support and it doesn't matter what the party leaders do. in some cases those candidates can get more support if they stick their finger in the eye of the party leader and seen as challenging the party leadership or establishment. >> you recall the republican growth and opportunity project as it was called, that so-called autopsy report that came out after the 2012 election. this was rnc chairman reince preiebus on the day the report was released. >> the report offered some specific examples of areas where republicans fell short, highlighting the way groups of voters have been turned off and highlighted examples of republican innovation, particularly among our governors that have won over new voters. these governors provide new ideas for the way forward. >> given chris christie's recent
9:30 am
troubles, there was of course the earlier this week bob mcdonald indicted. are republican governors still a strong selling point for the party? >> no i think the reality here is the republicans don't have a strong selling point for anything. that report is somewhere collecting dust, certainly the governors are kbusting and not models. they are really focused on how do they define their messaging and play thee parlor tricks to appeal to people that they disavow and disagree with, like certain groups of people of color, poor people, lgbt community. americans know this is extremely dis disingenuous. there has never been a time that the republican party has been so disconnected from the values. american electorate, which is why they can't win national
9:31 am
elections. there's going to have to be deep examination of whether they are going to start to listen to what people believe, feel, want, what the priorities and needs are and decide to create some ideas on how to govern to include those. if we're going to play political parlor tricks, i don't think not only the party, but i don't think americans needs will be met. we got a lot of problems to solve right now. >> we're going to end it there. big thanks to all of you. when we come back here, on alert, after years of sacrifice, just 14 days from the winter games, the security dilemma facing thousands of olympians and their families. the latest from richard engel in russia. >> when you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very long time -- by the way, we have to fix that. >> improving elections.
9:32 am
a bipartisan panel suggests a list of ways to fix that like expanding online registration and early voting, but they avoided the most contentious issue. [ male announcer ] the new new york is open. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to bold ideas. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and grows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at
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easy. eggland's best eggs. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb. we have seen an uptick in threat reporting prior to the olympics, which is of course of concern although it is not unusual for a major international event. >> two weeks to go until the winter olympics kick off in russia. there's been increase in threats of terrorism. but is all of the chatter scaring away even american athletes. richard engel for us now in sochi. >> reporter: as the countdown to the games in sochi continues and earlier today we heard them warming up for the opening ceremony, athletes and their families and spectators have to
9:36 am
decide do they want to come here and make the trip to russia and to sochi to watch the games in light of the security concerns? athletes and their families we spoke to today mostly they are still coming. too much sacrifice and dedication and too much of an opportunity to miss, too important to let terrorists take that away from them. but they said, they are keeping their witts about them and said they are probably not going to venture too far from the protected olympic venues. they are spread out in two locations, one the ring the steel where we are now around the main stadiums and the other about 30 miles from here up in the mountains. both are protected by about 40,000 russian security forces, drones, metal detectors, but still, russia says that militants from the north caucasus islamist terrorist groups are determined to try to carry out some sort of attack to disrupt the games. richard engel, nbc news, sochi.
9:37 am
sheila jackson lee, a democrat who sits on the house homeland security committee and jim kavanaugh, also a former agent. just before the white house confirmed the uptick in terror, five countries, five nations, including the united states received an e-mail threat, it was vague in nature but it was immediately dismissed by the russians. what's your response? >> well, craig, first of all, it is probably not wise to dismiss any type of suggestion of terrorism because we live in a far different climate than we've lived in in the last two decades. all of us remember munich and the tragedy of munich. but we also know we have brave young olympians going to russia to exhibit their great talents on behalf of the american people. our responsibility then from my perspective on homeland security is to take every threat
9:38 am
seriously. and i believe it is important for a congress, administration, to raise its concern to the highest level. we used to have color designation as to what we thought was a terrorist threat in the united states. we don't have those anymore, but we need to be at the highest level of sensitivity to what might happen in sochi to protect our american citizens. i might just say on my website, i have the list of embassies and others that all who are traveling from my area can link onto the state department. but we must be at the highest level and i'm concerned and want more resources in sochi on behalf of the american people. >> more resources. jim, let me come to you with that. the russians say they have 60,000 security officers working these games, according to the "washington post," that means that there are roughly 26 security personnel at these games for every one athlete. given that ratio, are you at all
9:39 am
surprised that there would be so many problems this early in the process before the games even start? >> yes, craig, the reason is that the history of terrorism in chech knee ya and dagestan is an unbelievable disturbing history. if we look at what they've done, the moscow theater, the killing the chechen president where they -- three months prior to the assassination, these guys are diabolical killers and planners and ruthless and vicious. they think long term. that's been their history. plus, they are making direct threats, a direct threat against the olympics and made it a sacred issue. there's many splinter groups but they all want to kill and disrupt the olympics. it's very serious. it is the most serious threat on
9:40 am
modern olympic games. >> jim, is there anything else that we can be doing right now that we should be doing right now that we're not? >> you know, i always think you can do more and you can always do more before. i think it's great the president called the president putin the militaries are talking and department of state diplomatic security service has agents and fbi. i always come from a school there's something you're not doing enough it. the navy and black sea is a critical and good move. we could send 100 federal agents with bomb sniffing drugs and 100 russian translators from the state department together to hook up with a russian bomb disposal officer and flood that area as well. the only safety is to find the bomb before it goes off. these suicide bombers have seven years to plan a slip through this ring of steel, which can give you a false sense of security. there can be weak welds in that
9:41 am
ring of steel. it doesn't give me a great security. persons who attend, they need to be alert. you know, be concerned. that will keep you alert and keep you alive. don't take any packages at all from anybody. and don't travel in large groups. don't always advertise who you are, giant usa on your back and walking in packs of 30. have plain clothes. >> congressman, there's a new poll about the situation in sochi, it says base he cically half of the folks pold think a terrorist attack in sochi is at least somewhat likely. would you yourself feel safe attending these games or having a family member go? >> well, let me just say it is very clear that the chechen rebel onagainst russia is deep and continuing and without ceasing and without mercy. that we need to acknowledge and
9:42 am
need to acknowledge that we have been impacted here in the united states through the boston marathon and those acting on behalf of those in chech knee ya. people have to make their individual decision. but i would ask and i think it is very important that the united states not be coy. it is important we have relief and rescue very much in place for american citizens in mass numbers that's key -- >> would you go? >> very strong intelligence sharing -- yes, i would go. but there has to be very strong intelligence sharing that has to occur. that is very much a part of being able to discern the possibility of a terrorist act. in addition, the offering of sharing some of that technology through our defense has to be carefully utilized. russia is an ally but we have to carefully utilize any of our
9:43 am
technology. i want to ramp up the physical presence on the ground from fsh to diplomatic security, i think there should be no measure that should be limited in protecting the american citizens in sochi. our athletes, their families and media and others. there should be nothing shortchanged. as a member of homeland security, i'm looking for briefings to let us know how we have staffed and how we're prepared to protect those individuals. >> that's a good spot to leave it. thank you so much to both of you. we will be right back. no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yea, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life. personalized home security and automation. get professionally monitored security for just $29.99 a month. with limited availability in select markets. ♪
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[ mom ] still counting. virginia's newly elected attorney general says the state ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. he announced he will not defend the ban and will instead support those who are trying to strike it down in federal court. >> i believe the freedom to
9:47 am
marry is a fundamental right. and i intend to ensure that virginia is on the right side of history and on the right side of the law. >> and we are also following a terrible story out of quebec where fire destroyed a senior center. three people are dead so far and that number is expected to rise as another 30 folks are still unaccounted for. as many as 50 of the people who live there were confined to wheelchairs and walkers. that's in quebec. also coming up here, blocking the vote, the new recommendations to make voting easiers but did not address voter i.d. laws or protection for minorities. what this means for states like texas and pennsylvania next. go-gurt? yep...doh. [ boy ] slurpably fun and a good source of calcium.
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a new 112 page bipartisan
9:51 am
report among some of the recommendations adopting online voter reg station, establishing advisory groups for voters disabilities and those with limited english proficiency. also, expanding opportunities to vote before election day. while taking steps to provide more access, it largely avoids the most politically contentious voting issue. i want to bring in two states at the center of the voting debate, thomas fitzgerald and todd gillman for the dallas morning news. good to see both of you. thomas, where does this bipartisan report, where does it come up short? >> it has very good recommendations and doesn't address voter i.d. laws, which is the challenge here in pennsylvania. we have one of the strictest
9:52 am
requirements for photo identification at the polls. although it's been subject to so much challenge legally it hasn't actually been fully implemented and in fact last week commonwealth court ruled that it was unconstitutional because it put too much of a burden on people's right to vote. >> the judge said voting laws are designed to ensure free and fair election and the voter i.d. law does not further this goal. >> that's a direct quote, exactly. and up -- >> go ahead, i didn't mean to cut you off. >> go ahead. that's been the thrust of our voting policy in the state for the last couple of years, is you know, perception of fraud, let's tighten down on that. >> perception being the operative word there. >> todd, in addition to access, the commission wants to improve
9:53 am
what it calls the voter experience, saying that among other things voters should not need to wait more than half hour to vote and that ballots should be well designed and simple to understand. what does it say about our voting system that these guidelines even have to be stated? >> i think part of what it says is it that there's still a lot of antique ate ed equipment out there, nothing close to the internet shopping experience people have gotten used to. the voter i.d. is one of the main battle grounds, a lot of recommendations i saw are already being implemented in texas. we have ten days of early voting that starts our march 4th primary to get to start voting february 18th and does reduce lines on election day and seems like a pretty good idea to share best practices around the
9:54 am
country. long lines tend not to be a major problem in a place like texas, partly because of the extended early voting period but the voter i.d. fight is there for sure and contentious partisan fight and this really kind of side steps that fight. >> is it does make you wonder why more states haven't simply adopted a lion's share of these recommendations. you would think we would want to figure outweighs to get more people to the polls and figure out ways to encourage folks to vote. i did not see this in the report, but the fact we still vote on the first tuesday in november. >> well, there's something kind of wonderful about the joint civic experience of everyone going out to the polls on the same day. at the same time, modern life is not what it was 100 years ago and people expect convenience and people can shop online securely and there's -- there is a growing demand. but think about all of the demands on tax dollars and
9:55 am
scarce resources for local governments. our election system is not a federal system. it is not a national system. it is all done at the local level. is it really a top priority to spend many tens and millions of dollars in a big county of texas for new electronic voting equipment compared to filling in potholes or policing the streets? there's always this tension and i think that's one of the reasons that we haven't seen some of the upgrades that are being recommended in this report. there are best practices here and there but has everyone adopted all of them? no, it's also not a one size fits all kind of system. if you have a rural -- not well populated county, does it make seps to have the same kind of systems in place as in urban county. >> thomas fitzgerald and todd gilman, big thanks to both of you gentleman. that's going to do it for me. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost.
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olympic anxiety as they search for the black widows, four women believed to be behind the latest threats. concern mounts for families of u.s. athletes. >> i'm certainly going to be more focused on my surroundings. >> i don't get a lot of confidence in the u.s. government. they seem like they question whether the russians have a handle on it or not. >> kind of brought us all together as team usa, we're really on top of it as families. >> illegal, a majority of government watchdog panel says nsa's collection of all telephone records is unconstitutional. this hour that panel will deliver its harsh critique and recommend sweeping changes well beyond what president obama agreed to. this afternoon, the man behind the leaks, edward snowden will speak out in a live web chat. we'll ask about snowden's impact and sochi security and if the
10:00 am
syrian peace talks can rebound off that rocky start. these three u.s. athletes are set to make history at the olympic games. their big leap to shatter the glass ceiling. >> i was watching on tv and i thought that i would never be able to do that. and i wanted to do that more than anything. united nations envi is trying to get the syrian regime and opposition to sit down face to face in geneva after a rocky start yesterday when president o assad's foreign minister angrily attacked positions. i'm joined by the deputy spokesman for state department. great to have you here.


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